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Different Wood Flooring Types

Wood flooring type depends upon the different constructions, profiles and size of their flooring. It's really important to pick the right kind of flooring for your project. Remember that the species of timber determines the colour and grain pattern you will notice. The kind of hardwood flooring is more related to the fitting and dimensions of the planks.

1.Which are the primary wood floors types?

There are three main things that you want to think about to determine which kind of wood flooring is most appropriate for you.

2.Fitting Profile

Here you have the choice of either tongue and groove or click matching. Tongue and Groove flooring is your more customary fitting method of wooden floors. Each plank of floors has 2 edges using a tongue and two edges using a groove. These fit snugly together to make a seamless finish. All solid wood floors have a tongue and groove matching profile, as does a engineered hardwood.

Click fitting hardwood floors is always designed wood. A click fitting system makes the setup process much easier. It permits you to float the floor over an underlay with no need for screws, nails or adhesive. You just click and lock together the edges of the planks to make a tight fit.

3.Design of Floor

There are two main styles of hardwood flooring for you to choose from. Primarily, you could opt for plank floors . This is the typical planks of floors and is the most popular choice by far.

Alternatively, you might go to get parquet block flooring. These are smaller cubes of flooring which can be installed in this way to create geometric patterns, such as basket weave and herringbone.


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