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Solid Oak Worktops: Taking Your Décor Beyond the Floor


Wood flooring is a superb way to boost your home, providing you with a look and texture that cannot be compared to other flooring options. Going past the floor, and utilizing solid oak in different aspects of your home décor, is a unique means to improve your house and bring out the designer inside.

One of the greatest ways to showcase walnut in your house is via the use of solid oak worktops. Envision the smoothness of a bamboo counter on your kitchen while cooking, all while maintaining a level of durability that you would expect your flooring to get. Solid oak worktops give you that calmdown to earth feel your flooring gives youat precisely the same time providing the necessary workspace for any job. In the event that you should match your flooring to the worktop, you would give your home an even more polished appearance, like something you would only see in a magazine.

Worktop Setup: A Weekend Project

Installing solid oak worktops is a bit more work than installing floors, as it needs to encourage more and is normally installed on top of something else such as drawers or cabinets. It may nevertheless be accomplished as a weekend project, just like flooring, but has slightly more work concerning drilling and measuring.

Getting a worktop to fit just right over an existing space can be a little challenging. A kitchen counter, for example, has cutouts that have to be made for sinks and other appliances. The extra work is absolutely worth it, however, as nothing could measure up to the sleekness of a classic wood countertop.

Most garage worktops are also made from solid wood which enables them to resist the usage of tear of drills and saws. Moveable worktops, like butcher blocksare smaller and do not take as long to install, but still have the exact identical level of stability and durability.

Beyond the Horizontal Surface

Strong bamboo flooring may be utilised in a number of different ways beyond countertops and work spaces. Considering all the different kinds of wood and finishes, you could essentially find a use for solid walnut flooring anywhere in your property.

White oak flooring is a number of the most widely used flooring and the easiest to customize in colour and layout. Using it as a backsplash on a wall, or as the siding of a kitchen pub area, are only a couple of the ways to enlarge beyond the conventional flooring use. You might even use extra pieces to make a photo frame or a pair of square coasters to get a coffee table.

There are so many ways to utilize oak in your home, and the limitations are endless. With the wide types of oak, you can have any appearance and any pattern your heart needs.


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